P. Sheshadri
1987 - Started career as Journalist
1990 -Entry into Films as screenplay writer “Gourishankara”
1995 -Independently directed Tele serials-Documentaries
1996 –'Kathegara' popular weekly on Doordarshan
1998 -`Mayamruga' popular daily sirial on Doordarshan
2000 - Directed First Film, “Munnudi”, Won National Award
2001 –'Atithi' second film & the 2nd National Award!
2004 –'Beru' third film & 3rd Consecutive National Award!
2006 –'Tutturi' Children film, Won 4th National Award!
2008 –'Vimukthi' Fifth film, Won 5th National Award!
2010 –'Bettada Jeeva' Sixth film, Won 6th National Award!
2012 –'Bharath Stores’ Seventh film, Won 7th National Award!
2013 –'Bharath Stores’ Seventh film, Won 7th National Award!

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The 61st national film awards for 2013 have been announced today and we are proud to inform you that ‘DECEMBER-1’ directed by P Sheshadri and produced by Basantkumar Patil has won the National Award for Best Regional Film in Kannada. 

With this, Sheshadri has set a new record by becoming the first ever director to win national awards consecutively for all the 8 films directed by him. No film director in the country has achieved this rare feat and this record has catapulted Sheshadri into a unique league of his own.

Sheshadri began his successful run in the world of cinema with his first film ‘MUNNUDI’ which won a national award in 2001.  This was followed by national awards for ATITHI (2001), BERU (2004), THUTTURI (2005), VIMUKTHI (2008) and BETTADA JEEVA (2010), `BHARAT STORES’ (2012). 

And now, the award for ‘DECEMBER-1’ has added another feather in the crown for the successful director. Sheshadri has already captured the attention of the Indian cinema world with his unique choice of themes and cinematic excellence. 

 As is his forte, Sheshadri has tried to explore the film in the backdrop of Politics.  .